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Discount Parking in New York City

Discount Parking NYC! ℗ If you are looking for parking deals, coupons and discounts in NYC, there are several options. If you are looking to save some money on parking in New York, don’t just drive to the nearest parking garage and pay their posted rate. Do some research and bring a coupon, or find a better deal. Here are your discount Parking NYC options: 1.  The least expensive way, of course, is to try free street parking.  This option is not always available, because some streets have parking signs that do not allow parking at any time, or during the day, or during street cleaning hours which are usually twice a week. If you know where you will be parking, check out the NYC parking signs map (select the first option or the right – Parking Signs), and zoom into the location where you would be parking. Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition for street parking, so you may have to drive around to find your spot. But – this option is FREE!  Also, New York City suspends alternate side parking regulations, for both street cleaning purposes and traffic flow, on 34 legal and religious holidays. So, you can park on street cleaning spots on these holidays, despite the signs. More on NYC street parking regulations here. 2.  Your next option for getting a discount is to try to find metered street parking. These are designated spots in some high-traffic areas where NYC allows you to park on the street for a small payment. Well, a significant discount compared to the rates that garages charge. If you see a machine like this one it means that you can purchase street parking for the allowed time, usually a maximum of 2 hours. You can use your credit card or cash. The rates in most of Manhattan are around $3 per hour. More on NYC metered street parking here. 3. The more expensive option, but usually easier to find, are discount parking coupons for parking garages in NYC. There are several major parking garage chains in NYC, and some of them offer coupons for parking for certain times of the day/week. Make sure you print the parking coupon in advance and bring it to the garage where you will park.  Here are some links to the major parking chains’ coupon offers: – NYC Discount Parking Coupons – Central Parking; – NYC Discount Parking Coupons – Icon Parking; – NYC Discount Parking Coupons – Quick Park Garages; – NYC Discount Parking Coupons – Imperial Parking   <a href=”http://parking.nyccoupons.com“>parking.nyccoupons.com</a></p>

Parking Coupons in New York City